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In-line water dispenser – iF Product Design Award Winner 2013
The question of water dispensers has always been how to differentiate? Realizing the importance of changes in the modern home and consumer preferences, a strategy of minimalism and functionality was opted for. The sleek curved body creates an angled and minimalistic user interface for convenient control and view that earned itself a coveted iF Product Design Award for 2013. Connected to 3M filtration systems, the dispenser provides the user with ambient, cold and hot filtrated water at the touch of a button. The device also has installed a clock, an energy saving function and even a child safety lock.
Instant Hot Drinking Water Faucet System
Adopting a minimalistic strategy and keeping with the modern kitchen, Bantum realized the potential of combining the capability for instant hot water with a touch sensitive water faucet. All elements are compact, stylish and advanced and the user even has the ability to select ambient or hot water at the touch of a button – with a safety lock available for added peace of mind.
Water Softener
The strategy was simple – stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, it was decided to opt for a very unique approach and design a family of water softeners like nothing before them. Their distinctively shaped exteriors not only embody an ethic of high performance, but also allow the ability to continually soften water for extensive periods.