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Bantum’s multi-disciplinary research team deeply studied the typical commercial elevators using environment. We made several conclusions including: heavy carry guidance, car decoration, information guidance, order of taking a lift, stream of people up and down, etc. Focused on the main problems, we made creative solutions from perspectives of human-machine interaction, behavior control and applications of Cross-domain technologies, etc.

By developing different ideas and combining them into meaningful concepts, Bantum came up with three concepts focused on 3 different aspects: environment experience, usability and information. These three concepts came from the fast development of display and telecommunication technologies applications, the demand of efficiency and the environment experience issues.


  • Ambient Experience
  • Ease of use
  • Information Technology
This concept product was displayed on the 2012 China Elevator Exhibition. The unique and bold creation won favorable comments among industry. Both XIZI OTIS and Bantum made great effort to put the concept into real product. Now it is a flagship product of XIZI OTIS.