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Rhodia, the global chemistry industry leader, expected to name, position and promote their new LAP. Rhodia hoped that the new LAP had a whole new name and being obviously different with the last generation product. After a brand evaluation, Bantum found that the last generation product was already the mind brand in this industry and had a high brand value. Therefore Bantum brand team adjusted strategy and persuaded the client to accept the durable strategy which was to inherit the existing advantages.

After strategy had been set down, the new challenge became how to express environment friendly innovation while continuing the existing brand advantages. Bantum successfully named the new product “Morningstar” after the last generation product “Luminostar”,with the distinctive visual system that addressed the elements of “light”, “environment-friendly” and “innovative“. Since the new brand had appeared in global market, it received a good reaction, both the brand and product feature had quickly been accepted by target market clients.