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Rhodia NeoLor™ : Color Your Life With Joy and Passion

Established in 25 countries Worldwide and part of the Solvay Group, Rhodia is a World leader in the production of specialty chemicals.   Renowned for their innovative, high performing and value-added products, Rhodia focuses on improving quality of life and sustainability.  No exception to this is their Neolor product range – plastic coloration chemicals that act to vastly improve plastic performance through many applications and fields.

Taking into account all the features and characteristics that mattered, and realizing Neolor’s advanced chemistry, Bantum saw a great opportunity to differentiate and present the products as  “life focused”.  Their visual image was to represent something that consumers could relate with – life, joy, passion and performance.

The identity put forth by Bantum was one inspired by togetherness, the outdoor environment and performance.  The imagery of children playing together and play equipment is shown to reflect Neolor’s safe and life active nature.  The outdoor imagery, brightness and bubbles again represent life and safety, this time to the environment, and also demonstrate its UV resistant qualities.  Special attention was placed on showing the many applications where Neolor could be used and its advanced chemistry.

The whole feel and color combination act to reinforce the image of life, joy, passion, performance and friendliness, and this new positioning fortifies Neolor as a premium plastic coloration chemical for the modern age. Read more about the “Rhodia Neolor™” here